NEWS IN ENGLISH | New Energy & Utilities Director at PwC Hungary
New Energy & Utilities Director at PwC Hungary
2024-01-25 09:32:00

Photo: PwC Hungary
Beáta Szoboszlai will lead the Energy & Utilities Advisory team in her new role.

Beáta Szoboszlai started her career at the Budapest Stock Exchange, where she was responsible for business development, including developing derivative products. She then worked at an international strategic consulting firm specializing in the energy sector. At MOL she was first responsible for enterprise risk management (ERM), and later for group strategy. During her time with MOL, she obtained professional certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). As Head of Strategic Planning at MVM Group, she became familiar with all areas of the energy value chain and, thanks to her role as senior economist, gained an even broader overview of the energy sector and macroeconomic processes. In addition to numerous strategic projects, she also led an ambitious innovation project aimed at integrating renewables.

After taking up consulting again in the spring of 2023, she joined PwC Hungary's Advisory practice in early November. As Director, she will be focussing on the dynamically transforming Hungarian energy sector and on improving the use of sustainable energy by businesses.