NEWS IN ENGLISH | Change in Magyar Telekom’s TOP Management
Change in Magyar Telekom’s TOP Management
2023-09-20 10:51:00

Photo: Magyar Telekom
Zsuzsanna Friedl, Magyar Telekom's Chief People Officer will continue her career as Chief HR Officer at T-Systems International from January 1, 2024.

In her new role, as member of the senior management team of T-Systems International, she will be responsible for the HR management of a company with 28,000 employees in 20 countries globally. Zsuzsanna Friedl will leave her position at Magyar Telekom as of January 1, 2024.

Zsuzsanna Friedl will be responsible for all HR activities as Chief HR Officer at T-Systems International from January 1, 2024. She will assume a key role in developing the Telekom subsidiary into a sustainable growth company. Her focus will be on developing the workforce to support the evolution and winning in the market as an integrated IT services company.

"I am honoured and delighted with the invitation to join the international management team of Deutsche Telekom Group. In the past six years, together with my colleagues, we created a stable workplace culture and a cohesive community at Magyar Telekom and launched forward looking initiatives. I will use my best endeavors to bring this experimental, innovative approach to my new role. I am grateful to my colleagues for their dedicated work and the great experiences that made Telekom one of the best workplace in Hungary." - said Zsuzsa Friedl on her appointment.

"I am grateful to Zsuzsa for always being one step ahead of the market with her forward thinking vision, let us just think of our new organisational culture along agile transformation, or to the testing the 4-day working week. Thanks to Zsuzsa, Telekom is not following trends, but shaping them in the domestic labor market. I am very proud that Magyar Telekom is now one of the most attractive places to work in Hungary. Her international appointment is a good example of Zsuzsa's extraordinary work, and I wish her similar achievements and success in her future career." - said Tibor Rékasi, Magyar Telekom's CEO. The recruitment of Zsuzsanna Friedl's successor is ongoing.

Zsuzsa Friedl is a senior HR manager of Magyar Telekom Group, one of the largest employers in Hungary, who gained her knowledge and developed her leadership skills in various industries over the past 25 years. In the past 16 years she played a key role in the implementation of the HR and organisational strategy at Hungarian big enterprises in the telecom and technology industry (UPC, Microsoft and Telekom/T-Systems). Since 2017 he has been the Chief People Officer/Chief HR Officer of Magyar Telekom. Besides the HR activities performed for the entire employee base of Magyar Telekom Group, her responsibilities also include the areas supporting agile transformation as well as internal and strategic external communication. Together with her team she works to create an environment where work is a real pleasure and all colleagues feel valued - the internal satisfaction rate increased by 20% in the last 4 years. Telekom is considered one of the most attractive workplaces in Hungary, where the implementation of the agile transformation, starting in 2019, plays an important role. Her latest initiative, a comprehensive pilot of the 4-day working week, opened a nationwide discussion on the issue and created another opportunity to make Telekom the best choice for employees. Zsuzsanna is a member of the Equalization Foundation, an active mentor of the National Association of Managers, the HBLF X Mentor Program, and the Advisory Board of the Budapest Metropolitan University's Human Resources BA and Master's Programs. She is a trained executive and team coach.