NEWS IN ENGLISH | Instagram photo competition to introduce less familiar facets of the capital city
Instagram photo competition to introduce less familiar facets of the capital city
2015-01-28 11:23:00

Photo: Magyar Telekom
We can see the capital city's landmarks through the eyes of renowned photographers as of January 15 and users can enter their own photos in the Insta City Guide competition.

Magyar Telekom launched in summer its site called Insta City Guide, which helps to find the best and most popular places in Budapest by categories through the photos published by Instagram users. Apart from the community guide-book compiled by thousands of users we will be in a position to admire a less well-known face of the capital city in the course of a campaign about to be launched now. In the campaign four renowned Hungarian photo artists will be sharing with us the places they prefer and that are less frequented.

Tiny, solitary cafes, hardly known statues, romantic pathways and many more places of interest await those who follow with attention the activity of the Insta City Guide in Instagram, and in Magyar Telekom's Facebook site, where the places shown in the photos as well as the photographers will be introduced in a greater detail. The pieces of art of Áron Süveg, Bertalan Soós, Dávid Nemcsik and Barnabás Tóth will be on display in the Insta City Guide for three weeks from January 15. The popular photographers are going to help the audience of Hungary's Instagram by not only their new photos but also stories and useful pieces of advice.

Anyone interested is welcome to participate in what will be a show of less familiar faces of the capital city using the #icg_bp hashtag between January 15 and February 8. By doing so they can enter for the Instagram competition their relevant and self-made photos. The places the pieces to be selected by a jury of photographers show will eventually turn into a sightseeing tour to be designed by the team of Beyond Budapest Sightseeing and anyone can take it after the closure of the campaign in the company of tourist guides.